Long time hobby turned business

I started sewing at about 9 years old, my day care provider was an avid sewer and taught me whenever she would get the chance. Most of my first projects were wall hangings, all of which my Mother still has.

I made my first quilt in high school, I remember skipping class to sneak over to my friends house to sew. What a rebel.

In college I did a lot of sewing by hand, mending mostly. I inherited one of my Great-grandmothers quilts, it is the most beautiful patchwork quilt I've ever seen. I'm convinced that I discover a new fabric in it each time I'm warmed by it. I try to imagine all the years of scraps that passed while she collected enough to create the quilt.

I bought my first sewing machine with Christmas money the year I graduated college. GO COUGS.

I then began to quilt. I love the cutting & piecing process of making a quilt, it's amazing to me how you can take all these little pieces of fabric and put them together to make something beautiful.

I started sewing boppy covers when I had my first baby, I've since been sewing changing pad covers, crib sheets and blankets.

I started the shop out of a need for a creative outlet. As a stay at home Mom, I can sometimes feel a little stir crazy, alas My Little Deer's was born!

And here I am today. Ready to take on your order, or work with you to create exactly what you want.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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